Oxytocin is found in unexpected places

We know oxytocin is the “life hormone” and the “cuddle hormone” and that’s easy to produce and it helps out with a lot of pretty neat stuff but there are ways in which your body is producing oxytocin and you might not even know!


Here are ten ways oxytocin gets secreted:

  • When you give money away
    People who show compassion intuitively are shown to have higher levels of this hormone.
  • When you hug someone
    As a matter of fact you don’t even have to really hug someone, you could just imagine yourself being hugged of cuddled by a loved one and your body would still release oxytocin.
  • When you use social media
    Going into your Facebook newsfeed and liking your friends’ posts makes you feel closer to that person thus forcing oxytocin to make an appearance.
  • When you laugh
    Feeling happy and relaxed (things that usually happen after a good laugh) are signs your body has produced oxygen. So relax, have a laugh and turn on the oxytocin and the rest of your love hormones.
  • When you take a walk
    When you go off and walk outside, your blood is shown to have higher levels of oxytocin.
  • When you shoot a gun
    Sounds a little weird since the noise can be stressful but when you focus on shooting a target at a range, oxytocin levels shoot up as well.
  • When you call someone
    Calls are said to be vocal hugs; chatting makes you feel closer to people and happy you took the chance to catch up so this makes for a perfect oxytocin environment.
  • When you’re trusted with something
    When others believe in you, you believe in yourself; this makes you a more charismatic person with high levels of oxytocin passing through your body.
  • When you listen to soothing music
    Women in labor are encouraged to listen to soothing music so oxytocin can be released. It’s an expected response since the body is relaxed.
  • When you eat bananas, eggs, or pepper
    Not necessarily together but each ingredient has been known to release high levels of oxytocin.
  • When you take a deep breath


It’s like the soothing music phenomenon; your body relaxes and feels safe so oxytocin makes an appearance.

So now you know how to get oxytocin going when you don’t have anyone around to cuddle with you.



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