New rhythm



Yesterday I had my first appointment with my new personal trainer. And today I feel like I got hit by a truck… But I am in good spirits because I know it is a step towards becoming the woman that I want to be. I guess exercise makes you feel good after all.

The trainers name is Chad and he fully acts the part, but his looks and “supportive” touch motivated me to finish the workout. I felt awkward and ungraceful while he led me through the series of workouts that I had never seen before and scrutinized the tiniest movements.

I have sore muscles that I didn’t even know existed.

But, I guess the endorphins or maybe just the pre-workout booster shot definitely put a pep in my step.

I think having the trainer will also help me to stick to a schedule. As of this week I have a fixed (and very expensive) schedule with Chad and unlike blowing off my personal gym time the money and the trainer incentivize me to show up. His biceps don’t hurt either.

So I will be “hitting the gym” three times a week in an attempt to feel and look better. The trainer also has lots of healthy eating tips to share. I know he is trying to be helpful but it’s almost annoying. Like, he asked what I had for breakfast and then proceeded to tell me everything I did wrong and how I should NEVER eat those things for breakfast. My eyes could have rolled out of my head. Of course he told me proudly that he never eats gluten, sugar or alcohol and that I should do the same if I am serious about getting in shape.

Why would I want to be in shape if there is no joy in life? I don’t accept the absolutist attitude about diet. Of course I can eat gluten or have a drink with dinner. Having a muffing with your coffee is a far cry from eating 25 pancakes and one glass of wine is different than a bottle. I’m going for moderation. Without rewarding yourself what is the point?

Despite his preachy and slightly condescending food talk, the trainer did show me a great website with easy and healthy recipes.

The most important thing I can do for my diet is start cooking for myself again. So, today I went shopping and filled my fridge with fresh produce and natural products. As an afternoon snack I sautéed baby spinach with olive oil and garlic then put a fried egg on top. It was one of the easiest recipes on the website and it was delicious. I used to hate spinach, but look at me now. It’s the little things…


I have also been taking my dog on walks every day, first thing in the morning. The fresh air and movement wake me up and my dog is even more energetic than usual.

In other good news, I have started to do some freelance work through some connected friends. Working again adds to my confidence even though it’s challenging to get back into it.


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