Baby, if you’re reading this…



It’s pitch black in my hotel room. I can’t sleep.  I should be used to all this travel, but sometimes, no matter how comfortable the bed is, I miss my own.  But more than the bed, it’s my wife that I need.

We have an unspoken rule:  Whenever either of us has a trip coming up, we need to factor in at least 30 minutes of cuddling on the day or night of travel.  It’s the best farewell gift.

Am I taking about sex?  Not today, but rather the underestimated power of cuddling, and why it matters.

Saying “I love you”, calling or skyping while away, emails and text messages, are all great and important.  But the honest feeling of connection between two partners goes back to that wacky little hormone called oxytocin.  Yes, we produce it during sex, but more importantly, when we cuddle, and this is where it gets real interesting:

During an intimate moment, like cuddling, oxytocin happens in both partners.  Almost as if there was some sort of dialogue between brains, the hormone amplifies little by little the feelings of trust, comfort and perhaps even love, as the cuddling continues. So those feel-good emotions snowball, and get affirmed more deeply.  That’s your own magical chemistry at work.  My wife and I know this.  She calls it “our love yoga”.

To you macho guys out there, honestly, cuddling is powerful stuff.  If you don’t do it for your partners, do it for yourselves, as the oxytocin you will produce will have amazing effects on various parts of your life.  I guarantee it.

I leave you with an article about the various reasons why you should take cuddling seriously.  But more seriously, baby, if you are reading this, I love you and miss you.



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