About Vero Labs

Vero Labs Was founded in 2006 with the mission of creating stronger, healthier human connections. As the first manufacturer worldwide of natural oxytocin sprays, we are a pioneer in researching and developing products utilizing the naturally occurring hormone. Our first Sprays featured a unique formula using Oxytocin to enhance trustworthy feelings between individuals.

We have since expanded our line of products, which now features our formulas Connekt, Attrakt for Her and Attrakt for Him. Each is specially designed to create strong connections and lasting attraction.

Our philosophy as a company is to develop natural products of pheromone perfume that enable our users to become their best and highest possible selves. We seek to use only natural ingredients in our formulas in order to create a more united and connected human family. Our products seek to help our customers be more empathetic,connected and have increased feelings of openness.